Mobile Discos for East Yorkshire


You will. I am not a Multi-op, you will have made all your arrangements with me, and it will be me who turns up, so no chance of someone turning up with no idea of your wishes and requirements

While I do not have any formal qualifications, I have fulfilled this role in many and various functions, from weddings and birthday parties to store launches and variety evenings, to name but a few.

Karaoke is available as an option at extra cost. Radio microphones can be made available at most functions, where the need for them is stated previous to the event, as I don’t take them as a matter of course. Their use will not cost extra. I can usually run a slide show of photos provided by you and your guests, as long as they are presented to me in a format the machines are compatible with. The laptops have card readers for most of the common cards, and of course CD. In some cases, more professional cameras will need a USB cable, as they use large memory cards. The images are copied onto the laptop, and can then be run as a slide show. If the venue or the function demands, I can often offer to run another public address system in another room or location. This may be linked to the main one, and duplicating the music played on that, or totally separate for other purposes.

ndeed I will. On almost all occasions I will have lights with me capable of illuminating venues where the installed lighting is too dark when switched off or dimmed. Added to this, there will be effect lights mainly focussed on the dancefloor.

Oh yes. Almost always a complete set of sound and lighting gear.

Professional quality equipment, carefully matched to the venue, the function, and the audience. This may be as minimal as two small speakers, a playout stand and playout system, and two small LED wash lights, or as much as a large PA system, a full size booth with overhead trussing, and up to seven high powered effects lights.

It is tested annually to meet the electrical safety criteria, and checked every time it’s used for signs of wear, as required by the regulations.

For most functions, I require an hour to set up. With reasonable access, it takes around 45 minutes, but having to rush puts pressure on me, and detracts from the performance I can provide you with. That’s why I’m quite likely to turn up more than an hour beforehand, in case I can have access earlier. If it’s unavoidable to have less than 45 minutes to set up, I can either try to select equipment that I can set up more quickly, use a smaller rig if I have to ( which in all cases will still be more than big enough ) or in rare and extreme cases, hire in extra help, which will of course incur extra cost to the customer.

Whatever you would like to hear. I carry music from the Sixties and before, Tamla, Glam Rock, Pop music, Rock music, Heavy Metal, Country and Western and many many other styles. Themed nights, mixed audiences, are no problem.

Of course. When booking, you’ll get a request list. If you make no advance requests, that’s absolutely fine. If you just specify half a dozen key tracks, so is that. If you give me a long enough list to play the whole function, that’s fine too. Please bear in mind the length of the function though. I have had playlists that would have taken almost a week to play, never mind a few hours! In such circumstances, obviously it’s not possible to play them all, so I will have to pick the most suitable or popular ones from the list. You can of course specify songs or musical styles which must not be played, too.

Of course. I actively encourage them from all guests and clients.

All functions are different, so I don’t have a fixed pricing system. I am dedicated to offering what I believe to be the best value you can find, and I will try to offer you more than you have requested for the minimum cost.

As long as the contracted time. It may be an all day wedding, or a two hour party, it makes no difference.

Subject to venue approval, and management approval, this will be possible. The sum agreed for the extra time must be paid in cash before the commencement of the extra time.

Yes. Contracts protect customer and service provider alike. Specimen copies of a standard contract are available on request.

The process is simple. Contracts are signed and exchanged either electronically, via Echosign ( the preferred option. Simple, secure and quick. ) or through the post. After this, the deposit is due.

The preferred option is for you to pay the deposit by Bank Transfer immediately after signing the contract. Cheques are also perfectly acceptable. The balance can be paid in cash at the commencement of the function, bank transfer seven days before, or cheque fourteen days before, so that funds can be cleared well in advance.

I welcome pre event meetings. They are invaluable to both parties. I have also had customers pay the deposit, or indeed the whole sum at these meetings.

To fit in with the occasion. Usually suit and tie at a wedding, shirt and tie at most others, and casual ( or fancy dress where required ) for the rest. However you wish me to dress, I can usually oblige.

Yes. I carry £10 million Public Liability Insurance ( PLI ) through Hencilla Canworth.

A good question. Nowadays, it’s perfectly feasible to plug your ipod or laptop into a sound system, and provide the music of your choice. This may provide you and your guests with an evening of great entertainment. Unfortunately, it can either be too rigid, since all the tracks are pre-programmed, or subject to all and sundry flicking through ten seconds of every track, trying to find their favourite song. It’s so much easier to give me a playlist, and let me structure the music, so that the evening flows smoothly, and also to fit in guests requests where they are most suitable.

Only at public functions, and since most of my work nowadays is private, this is difficult to arrange, sorry.

I can work with bands, comedians, vocalists, magicians, and on one occasion, a fire eater. With prior notice, I can provide a “live” mixer, if necessary, to assist the smooth running of the event, and the best possible sound.

As little as a metre square space for the booth, room for two speaker tripods, and possibly a lighting tripod. The largest show would need a space at least two metres deep by seven or eight metres wide.