Mobile Discos for East Yorkshire

About Us

Many years ago Peter was eighteen years old, with a full head of long black hair. Happy days, eh? A club he was a member of decided to hold a Christmas party, and being the one with the biggest record player, he was enlisted to provide the music. It was a somewhat eclectic mix of tunes, but must have gone down well, because a young lady came up and said “I’m having a party next week. If I give you some money, will you come and play the music for me?” Well no eighteen year old lad was going to refuse an invite to a party from a pretty young girl, was he, especially if he got paid to attend. At that one, the same thing happened, and a pattern of continually acquiring bigger and better equipment developed, until with the arrival of a young family a few years later, he decided to “hang up the headphones“ and retire.

Retirement from Discos it was, until fate stepped in once more. He chanced to contact a friend who had also retired from Discos before Peter did, but had found the urge to return too strong to resist. He needed a DJ for a function, and Peter was persuaded to come out of retirement. One gig was all it took, and he too returned to the old ways, albeit with little shiny discs, instead of big black ones.

Peter worked for his friend, until they gained a residency at a prestigious hotel, after Peter had done a series of weddings there. Since he was in there most weeks, it was decided that he ought to leave his friend’s employ, and create “ Excalibur Mobile Disco ”. History repeated itself, and he built up the equipment and client base once more.

Fast forward to the present day, and he’s still playing music. Technology moves on relentlessly, and the shiny discs have been replaced with laptops, and the lights no longer weigh as much. They don’t keep you warm in winter any more, as most of them are now LED for ease of use, and reliability. Retirement? Not just yet, thank you very much.